Augment your anime collection


No mandatory folder structure

Seanime's scanner is a powerful tool that can scan your local library in seconds. It works out of the box to detect torrent files without necessitating a specific folder structure or naming convention.

Seamless watching experience

Seanime supports MPV, VLC and MPC-HC. It can automatically detect playback and sync your progress to your AniList or MyAnimeList account.


Downloading made easy

Download torrents directly to your library with a few clicks. Seanime supports qBittorrent and Transmission out of the box. Find torrent easily through the integrated search engine powered by Nyaa or AnimeTosho, Seanime will automatically apply filters without needing you to write a search query.

Automate your library

Make your library work for you. Seanime can automatically download new episodes of your favorite anime from public trackers, using your torrent client. Just set up a few rules and let your server handle the rest.


Schedule & Calendar

Keep track of upcoming episodes, new releases, and missing episodes with Seanime's Calendar feature.


Manage your library

Take advantage of Seanime's various features to manage your library, fetch additional metadata like images and filler info, filter and sort your library, ...


Binge-watch with ease

Seanime supports playlists to help you quickly queue up episodes and watch them in order, as seamlessly as possible.

Explore & don't miss a thing

Discover trending anime and manga and find new series to watch or read with Seanime's Discover page and advanced search feature, powered by AniList.


Media streaming / Transcoding

Leverage Seanime's transcoding feature to stream your downloaded anime to your phone, tablet or TV. Seanime can transcode your media on the fly to ensure smooth playback on any device, hardware acceleration included.



Torrent streaming

Sudden urge to watch an episode but don't have it downloaded? Care about the quality? Seanime can stream torrents directly to your player without any additional setup.


Online streaming

Sudden urge to watch an episode but don't have it downloaded? Don't care about the quality? Seanime can stream it for you from online sources without any additional setup.

Manga / Manhwa

Read chapters

Read from various sources and track your progress with Seanime's integrated manga reader. Manage your AniList manga collection and find new series.


Download chapters

Download manga chapters from various sources and read them offline.


Customize your library

Add banner and background images, change layouts, to make your library truly yours.


Offline mode

Seanime has an offline mode that allows you to use the app without an internet connection. Offline mode includes metadata and images for anime and manga, progress tracking and list management.

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